iSignos (Spanish Sign Language (LSE) data interface) is a linguistic data resource created as part of the RADIS Project (Actance Relations in Signed Discourse) from the University of Vigo.

The objective of the RADIS Project is to understand LSE grammar and, more specifically, to describe the patterns that govern event expression, that is, how signers organise nouns (and other forms similar to nouns) and verbs (and other forms that have a predicative function) to communicate who does what, or who feels what, or who talks about what, etc.

The corpus comprises a collection of videos of signers using LSE, together with glosses for both hands and a Spanish translation. Here you can download an annotation guide that explains how the glosses are encoded.

In the first stage there is a series of videos with their corresponding glosses and translations, which will be added to in later stages. Search criteria include genre or theme, as well as the sex or age range of the signer.

The search engine allows users to explore the corpus and to observe the context in which specific glosses appear.

This is a useful resource for all those professionals requiring linguistic data, e.g., for LSE research, language assessment, interpretation training, classroom exercises, etc.

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